Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some things are just beautiful aren't they...

We love things and we're sure you do too.

So, as a tribute to our love, here are some things we took pictures of because we love them.

It's not uncommon to see tapestry's at Op Shops and so forth, but it's not often you see ones that you HAVE to have. This one caught my eye, love it! On the back it says: "Rebecca Marshall, Received on 11th Birthday, 17th April, 1986. Time taken from April '86 to November '86". Cool.

A beautiful B. Pederson Ship Lantern from the 20's - 40's, made in Oslo. All pieces intact with great patina.
This little gem looks amazing with a candle in it!! Love Love Love.

We absolutely love these two goblets. Haha, goblet is the funniest word. Anyway, they also look great with candles in them. Coloured glass, yes please!

So i'm pretty sure this is a camping kettle, but it looks more like a piece of folk art to me. Look at this rudimentary design and the way it's weathered. Beautiful!

This is a single door RAAF locker, it's got 4 shelves on the inside and only stands about 700mm high. So nice, beautifully worn out, scratched and rusted. Extra nice piece that would look great in a studio or at home!

That's all for now, check back soon for more trips down awesome lane!

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