Monday, October 17, 2011

Just playing around.

I spent some time shooting a few more things tonight.

I'm speaking at a design conference this Friday, so I sat down to think about what i'm going to talk about for an hour and got quickly sidetracked by the thought of shooting photo's of other peoples rubbish.

Check out the conference here:

So anyway, here are some of the photos I took.

Floral Tapestry Cushion, amazing colours, thankyou Maree!! We love them.

Vintage Carlton Shuttlecock packaging. Distributed by Dunlop. Simple and beautiful design even creeps across into Shuttlecock land. Awesome.

This is an original watercolour by Frederick R Fitzgerald, we have three of them and they are absolutely amazing! Ironically, they came from the tip, crazy!

This is the pointy end of a Peter Clarke single fin which has been weathered to perfection! The colouring and the way it's worn scream a life of absolutely joyous shredding.

These old fans always look so cool! The colours, the basic design, the fact that you can still plug them in and cool down, so good. This particular one is an Airflow, of course.

I'm sorry but i'm in love with this fiberglass bucket chair. It's not in perfect condition, nor should it be, its been loved, worn down to perfection and discarded just in time to start it's new life as the star of the show over here at Archer & Archer, for today at least!

Sleep tight, and keep hunting!

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