Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because they truly are beautiful things.

When you unearth something old you know it's special, well made, has a life of experiences it wishes it could speak of, and most certainly is very unique.

Sometimes when we're out hunting for stuff we can sell or hire, we get sidetracked into buying stuff that you'd NEVER sell or hire, mainly because they're things that people just don't really see a use for.

It's this stuff that we love to save them from the depths of landfill if only to shoot a photo and post them here on this blog.

These pieces of rubbish truly are beautiful things.

Enjoy looking at our rubbish!

Cling-Surface fan belt dressing. A great example of the sort of inspiration modern day graphic designers are using for modern day graphic design that looks like old graphic design.

We love this coffee mug, no big deal. It's just a really nice piece from a time when the whole kitchen or even house would have been as vibrant and over-designed!

Here's a relatively useless Count Down Vanilla Ice Cream lid. Well worn, plenty of character, amazing colour and graphic design made this a must have!

I don't believe there's much soldering going on at our place. But that didn't stop us saving this from getting buried under piles of real rubbish at the local dump! What a nice little example of vintage packaging.

This little knob had it coming! If you're going to look that good, you better expect to get snapped up and photographed.

Sometimes a vintage Dunlop Vice looks better when in the company of plastic toys, it's just that simple.

All the best.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh it's scary being a 'collector', a 'hoarder' or something along those lines, especially when it comes time to part with stuff.

But if we don't part with anything, then we're not passing on the beauty.

So tonight, actually right now, we are busy uploading a bunch of stuff for sale over on our Facebook Page.

So come on over, check out what we have and tempt yourself with something special.

Monday, October 24, 2011

How exciting!

We're going to sell some stuff tomorrow night on our Facebook page!

If you like things then you should stop by and check out what we have.

Follow this link, we'd love to see you there.

Have a good night!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some things are just beautiful aren't they...

We love things and we're sure you do too.

So, as a tribute to our love, here are some things we took pictures of because we love them.

It's not uncommon to see tapestry's at Op Shops and so forth, but it's not often you see ones that you HAVE to have. This one caught my eye, love it! On the back it says: "Rebecca Marshall, Received on 11th Birthday, 17th April, 1986. Time taken from April '86 to November '86". Cool.

A beautiful B. Pederson Ship Lantern from the 20's - 40's, made in Oslo. All pieces intact with great patina.
This little gem looks amazing with a candle in it!! Love Love Love.

We absolutely love these two goblets. Haha, goblet is the funniest word. Anyway, they also look great with candles in them. Coloured glass, yes please!

So i'm pretty sure this is a camping kettle, but it looks more like a piece of folk art to me. Look at this rudimentary design and the way it's weathered. Beautiful!

This is a single door RAAF locker, it's got 4 shelves on the inside and only stands about 700mm high. So nice, beautifully worn out, scratched and rusted. Extra nice piece that would look great in a studio or at home!

That's all for now, check back soon for more trips down awesome lane!

After all these years of publishing blogs i've never learnt to embed a video in the body of a blog, i'm not really bothered but I thought i'd put it out there anyway.

So anyway, I came across this great video about desks, I loved it enough to want to share it.

Please watch and hopefully enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just playing around.

I spent some time shooting a few more things tonight.

I'm speaking at a design conference this Friday, so I sat down to think about what i'm going to talk about for an hour and got quickly sidetracked by the thought of shooting photo's of other peoples rubbish.

Check out the conference here:

So anyway, here are some of the photos I took.

Floral Tapestry Cushion, amazing colours, thankyou Maree!! We love them.

Vintage Carlton Shuttlecock packaging. Distributed by Dunlop. Simple and beautiful design even creeps across into Shuttlecock land. Awesome.

This is an original watercolour by Frederick R Fitzgerald, we have three of them and they are absolutely amazing! Ironically, they came from the tip, crazy!

This is the pointy end of a Peter Clarke single fin which has been weathered to perfection! The colouring and the way it's worn scream a life of absolutely joyous shredding.

These old fans always look so cool! The colours, the basic design, the fact that you can still plug them in and cool down, so good. This particular one is an Airflow, of course.

I'm sorry but i'm in love with this fiberglass bucket chair. It's not in perfect condition, nor should it be, its been loved, worn down to perfection and discarded just in time to start it's new life as the star of the show over here at Archer & Archer, for today at least!

Sleep tight, and keep hunting!

Thanking You Smith Journal

I felt lucky enough having a feature in the brand spanking Smith Journal Magazine, let alone getting this super special package in the mail today!

I'll treasure this stuff forever, i'll even keep the twine, it's just something I do.

Thanks so much to the family over at Smith, i'm so proud to be in there telling my tale of sugar-coated hoarding.

If you've not checked out the magazine, you should, it's amazing and you can order them over here:

Take care, Troy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trunk time!

We've been slowly getting to shooting some of the bigger stuff we have tucked away.

What a nightmare, I can't get the shots to look how I want them to! Really I just need a big arse studio with a big infinity wall, unfortunately though I don't have that, so this will have to do for today!

I hope you like these character filled beauties.

Early 20th century Metal Trunk. Black as the ace of spades, beaten up in all the right places, rudimentary address sprawled across the lid. Amazing character piece for the super modern living space.

Nice chunky trunk, has heaps of weathering, fairly beaten up but is running high on character to say the least. There's alot to admire on this one, but the coolest thing about this piece is the stickering and the internal fabric i reckon, super cool.

This one is probably from about the same era as the brown one above, but it's not as heavily made. It's got all the bells and whistles though, and would look great in a photoshoot or the living room. Unfortunately it's suffering from some water damage at the left end, but lets not get too hung up on that, it's probably about 70 or 80 years old!

That's all for now, stay around for some more pics soon!

Take care, and happy hunting!