Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because they truly are beautiful things.

When you unearth something old you know it's special, well made, has a life of experiences it wishes it could speak of, and most certainly is very unique.

Sometimes when we're out hunting for stuff we can sell or hire, we get sidetracked into buying stuff that you'd NEVER sell or hire, mainly because they're things that people just don't really see a use for.

It's this stuff that we love to save them from the depths of landfill if only to shoot a photo and post them here on this blog.

These pieces of rubbish truly are beautiful things.

Enjoy looking at our rubbish!

Cling-Surface fan belt dressing. A great example of the sort of inspiration modern day graphic designers are using for modern day graphic design that looks like old graphic design.

We love this coffee mug, no big deal. It's just a really nice piece from a time when the whole kitchen or even house would have been as vibrant and over-designed!

Here's a relatively useless Count Down Vanilla Ice Cream lid. Well worn, plenty of character, amazing colour and graphic design made this a must have!

I don't believe there's much soldering going on at our place. But that didn't stop us saving this from getting buried under piles of real rubbish at the local dump! What a nice little example of vintage packaging.

This little knob had it coming! If you're going to look that good, you better expect to get snapped up and photographed.

Sometimes a vintage Dunlop Vice looks better when in the company of plastic toys, it's just that simple.

All the best.


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