Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Steps: 1 through 3.

Step 1: Be Inspired.
Step 2: Do something with it.
Step 3: Repeat Step 1 & Step 2...

Step 1 starts here:

Sometimes artwork looks best piled up on the floor leaning against the wall. Picasso was famous for it, as is Charles Saatchi. When you've been bitten by the art bug sometimes you don't have enough walls to house the pieces you gather and they just end up that way through necessity. Lucky it looks awesome.

Your clever use of space is paramount, especially when you've got some amazing timber pieces to feature.

The low hanging pendant and the mismatching chairs, all juxtaposed against the white background, beautiful.

Love that little white hatchback. Just kidding, it's the awe-inspiring timber facade that gives us shivers!

Almost everything about the two photos above has us excited. The rug, the custom built pipe hanging system, the various storage box's and the little side table. Epic.

An oak skeleton and a concrete top {with built in sink}, holy shit, insanely nice!

Look at that right there, that's some beautiful use of relatively simple materials.

Stripes and Bamboo {we think?} - unique and awesome.

Yes please! Very nice indeed.

And Eames Rocker, a simplistic Mid Century drawer unit and a heavy weave basket make this space an amazing one. The animal skin we can probably leave, it looks great but it had a life once and that's just a bit weird.

Some beautiful stitch work from MaricorMaricar that has us craving some colour and texture. Very nice indeed.

Yes, it'll be in our dreams for the next little while, thanks MaricorMaricar.

Oh my, I just pee'd my pants again. Yes i'd like to touch that Volkswagon gently and with love.

Wood everywhere, sometimes that's just the way it should be!

Unique and shockingly intriguing, furniture can do that.

This home was once a garage, don't be afraid to think outside the box next time you get the chance.

There's something very today about the floral patterns of yesterday.

The wonderful use of timber, leather, simplicity and objective make this laptop house from Rainer Spehl something to want!

Plum, grey, brown and brown again, framed in white, juxtaposed with concrete, yes please.

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