About A&A

Archer & Archer is Sarah & Troy Archer. Husband and Wife since Sarah was 18 and Troy 25, about 9 years back. Sarah, a Garment Designer and Troy a Marketing Director, met at the coffee van and looked into each others arms, or eyes, we can't remember. {ok, too much information}.

Troy has always been a hunter / gatherer and artist, so there'd always be new things coming into the home because they were just too 'amazing' to leave behind. As an artist, it's not hard to recognise things that are well designed or coloured, and unique things are always jumping out at you.

Sarah isn't so much of a hunter / gatherer, rather an admirer of things that are ready to be displayed. A lover of well designed and particularly unique things. Sarah is the backend, so business stuff and spreadsheets are managed cleanly and efficiently by this half of the project. Don't be fooled though, Sarah is as creative as anything, having written and produced an EP and had countless original songs used on television and radio.

In a nutshell, A&A is a vintage thing, it kinda just goes that way because most of the time the perfectly designed, most unique and beautifully weathered things come from times gone by. The other thing is, stuff from back then, whenever that is, was coloured better, made with durability in mind, handcrafted sometimes, had nice design lines, simplistic form and you won't find these things in every Westfield. We are very into spaces and find ourselves lurking architecture and design blogs way too often!

The broad objective is this:

Find stuff that is awesome, give that stuff a new life.

P.S. We really love what we do {incase that wasn't obvious enough already!}

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