Friday, April 27, 2012

our new lamp

Absolutely loving this new floor lamp we picked up today. 

We gave it a mini-makeover and it came up beautifully!

Chrome and timber works so nicely together! x

Have a nice weekend.

Monday, April 23, 2012


There is something about simplicity that floats our boats.

The Sea is a nice place to float a boat.

Stay well.

The Archers. x

Thursday, April 19, 2012

For Sarah... Maybe

Our good friend Sarah Crawford is a kick ass artist who is looking for some red signs that number up to 23. We're half way there, what do you think Sarah?

This is them both ways...

Let us know!

Troy x

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Borrowing Memories again

This is our 2nd installment of Borrowing Memories, or maybe it's our third?

Either way, check out these amazing vintage photos all found by us in real life, then photographed again. Photos of photos, actually photos of found photos that were being thrown away, even better!

Single Flyer, Swallow Tail, so awesome, holy shit. This board would be cactus now for sure, but once upon a time it looked like this!

Sure the bell bottoms are flaring and the guy with his hairy chest out is cool, but look at that tiger painted on the wall! Pure epic.

HQ Belmont Panel Van, or shaggin' wagon as Dad would have called it. Complete with green bonnet and yellow body, it doesn't get more Straya Day than that.

This photo could not be cropped better or have better colour and movement, it's so cool!

Torana, Stubbies, bare chest and a beard, yep, you're ruling! How good is this photo!

A beautiful photo of a beautiful horse. Hopefully it's name is Misty or something.

What a ruler! Something big was happening at the Birdsville this day, that's for sure!

I wish I could get in close and see what it says on the side of this train. Either way, i'm hoping it doesn't derail.

That's a serious waterhole with a man swimming in it.

What the hell are you wearing? This is strictly 70's hair salon get up and i'm pretty happy it's out of fashion.

Take it easy, take care, take pictures but don't take drugs.

Troy x

Friday, April 6, 2012

Borrowing Memories

Over time we've amassed quite the collection of other people memories, printed on photographic paper. I think most of the world calls them photographs, for some reason to us they feel like something more significant.

They're often amazing photos of stuff that just really needs to be seen, so we're going to trickle them out on this blog and on our Archer & Archer Facebook.

Introducing 'Borrowing Memories' with thanks to those who threw them away.

"Gus & Cleo - 5 Weeks old"

No markings on the back.

No markings on the back - Kingscliff Pool

No markings on the back - National Education Rally - Those Falcons or Fairlanes would say this shot was taken early 80's or so. Cool colouring.

No markings on the back - too small to be the 12 apostles, plus I can only see 2. Amazing vintage colouring.

No markings on the back - maybe the Great Australian Bite?

No markings on the back - dick shaped rock formation.

"v's IND - 12.1.86 - We Won" - Classic Australian cricket photo.

No markings on the back. - What an amazing photo of a photo of a photo.

That is the first instalment of Borrowing Memories, thanks for having a look.

For more on Archer & Archer, check out our Facebook Page.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sir Edmund Hillary

If you're perpetually looking for things, you're bound to come across some really special stuff.

Believe me when I say that the most treasured things you'll get will probably be acquired by accident. Be intrigued enough to look among the papers, behind the frame, or research the makers mark, it's worth it when you realise you have something amazing that you didn't know you had.

It's worth mentioning that amazing things don't always have monetary value, but value comes in varied forms. Sometimes, just knowing you saved the signature of the first man to reach the summit of Mt Everest from being thrown away is value enough!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Been too longgggggg....'s time to post some pictures of things.

Not just any things, things that are amazing, things that we find on the side of roads, at the dump, at the yard sale, under the house, in the attic, down the back of the industrial estate, out the back of nowhere, at 4am, at midnight and sometimes only in our sleep.

Enjoy these things of beauty and be sure to join us on the Archer & Archer Facebook.

If you're a typography person, a colourway's person, a person that likes things from the 60's (or all of the above), then you need to keep an eye out for old canisters. We scored a tonal white set at 4:30am a month ago, yay.

This is the safe end of an old wire mesh tissue holder, it's gold.

The Mexican Cigar Industry must have made a shit load of these dovetail joined timber boxes, this is one of 70 million or something. The rad thing is that they always have the nicest, simplest and most elegant branding on them.

This is an intimate photo of an old timber tool box we got in Brisbane while eating lollies and drinking Coca Cola. If those droplets of paint could talk they'd have a story or two to tell. Isn't wood just amazing?

Your shoes need a shine, come over here and take a seat.

We picked up a nice old book about ships the other week, from a really nice man that took a terrible fall down a big set of stairs. The book has this epic fold out inside it, nice hey.

Decoupage is the application of something using glue and lacquer, most of the time it runs the risk of looking goofy, and has since the 1700's when it first started. This piece on the other hand is nice because it's dirty and faded and the parts you can't see are even better than the decoupage.

What is it with orange and the 70's? Right now maroon is popular and green seems to be coming in, but i can't imagine those colours staying on trend for an entire decade. I guess black has stood the test of time though. Nice bowl, with a lid, perfect for an orange 70's inspired outdoor party.

I wish I could remember where we got this number plate from. I'd also like to know what country it's from. Aside from that, it's very nice to look at.

Old tin signs are tough to beat, especially numbers. We were fortunate (hard working) enough to stumble upon (hunt our butts off) and come across a nice little stash of them a while back and we love them. They're in the pile of things we can't really part with, some of them anyway.

This is a Nautically Inspired Weather Station, we sold it last week and we're a little sad to see it go but wrapped that it went to a nice new home where it will be loved. Bye bye Nautically Inspired Weather Station.

Long before pixels captured our dearest and most treasured moments, little monsters like this captured the best and worst of us. Small, simple and awesome. We love old cameras.

Again, timber is great.

Tobacco is any easy word to spell incorrectly. I always try and spell it with an A where the first O is. Dr Pat wouldn't have done that, there is no way in the world, not with his name sprawled across this wonderful tin and all.

Old camera's sometimes look like Disney characters, this one (for instance) looks like Mickey Mouse, a little bit. Thankyou Kodak, for making a Mickey Mouse inspired camera that we love.

That's all for today, I had fun.

Cheerio, Troy

Olly, we love you so much.

It's hard to say just how much we love Oliver Archer, it's a lot more than heaps, and way more than so much. He's the bestest doggy ever.