Friday, August 5, 2011

And there's PLENTY more!

We've just been going through folders of pictures and pulling out things at random, don't forget the idea is for you to feel like you're walking through some sort of junkyard-bazaar-op shop-recycling-yard-garage sale!

You never know what to expect, but you can be assured that it will be super fun! Enjoy...

Old telephones are exceptional and this one is no exception! Black Bakelite, solid, American Made, probably in the 40's or 50's. So much style!

Elson vintage Measuring Tape. Metres upon metres!

Gold golf club bottle opener, this thing is weighty and so cool whether you're a golfer or not, we've barely swung a club and we're psyched on it! Think paper weight, or maybe a bottle opener like it was intended!

We're not sure what it is yet, but old beaten up scissors are awesome. Sometimes they're painted, most of the time they're rusted and they come in so so many cool shapes, sizes and designs. One thing is for sure, they look unreal when there are a heap of them together, the more the better!

Johnson's Paste Wax large tin. For those who wondered, 8 Pounds = 3.2kg, so the tin is a pretty good size, perfect for storing random stuff like paint brushes, cooking utensils or umbrellas by the door.

Blackies English Classics - 'Lady of the Lake' poem books, broken up into canto's which are like sections or divisions in a long form poem, these books look amazing, they have so much character.

This is a very unique and interesting piece, it's the 1920 Medical Annual, used to advertise all sorts of treatments and medical instruments to doctors, and it' covers every possible thing that was happening medically at the time so you can imagine what's inside!

We love this! A pineapple jug, probably good for pouring Pineapple Juice, or something similar. Whatever you pour from it your guests will be tasting Pineapple Juice, that's for sure!

A beautiful little portrait wall ornament, there are two in the set and they look so nice in the way they've weathered and foxed, just awesome!

This is special! It's an original illustration of a young man which we think may have been a gift from the illustrator to the sitter? Absolutely beautifully aged and would look amazing in a deep-box white frame, yep nice!

Simple, two of our favourite things; Bell Jars and Twine, together in perfect harmony! For no other reason apart from that they look good together.

Check back soon!

With much love,


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More again!

We've been gathering anything that catches our eye for years now, well, it's gotten kind of obsessive the last little while but you get the picture. We've been spending time in the shed and it's always really fun.

You open a box and see a bunch of stuff that you forgot you had, and it's exciting!

We always said that we'd shoot EVERYTHING we got, so we're about 300 items behind at the moment but never mind, it's a labour of love!

Enjoy these few items and keep an eye on us over on facebook if you want to hire or buy anything!!

Introduction to Exceptional Children, I guess our parents read this one! Published in 1977, amazing character and exceptional reading, especially if you were raised by parents who read it!

Australian Home Decorator & Painter - doesn't show publication date but i'm assuming 50's. Filled with awesome illustrations and handy hints.

Early 'Codral Lozenges' tin, doubling as a holder of Monopoly pieces. Early tins always have so much nostalgic value and the colourways are incredible!

A man A dog Two Horses - 1946 - by J.C. Benrodt. A great little book of short stories dedicated to the writers animal friends.

Celco Paper Binders, a great example of vintage packaging, colour and typography.

This guy is great! A Catalina Island souvenir, carved timber and painted. Cataline Island is just off the coast of LA.

Molly Garland original Oil painting. Dated 1977. A beautiful little piece with a deservedly nice frame.

A very old 'Mitchells' dustpan and straw brush, cleans up well and comes complete with tonnes of character!

Take it easy, see you soon!


Monday, August 1, 2011


When it comes to posting images of the things we have it could go on for hours, days even. You wouldn't believe the treasure we have tucked away.

Items with character, splashes of vintage typography, cool use of colours, time-made blemishes, fading, flaky paint, anything unique really, they're the characteristics we've been looking for since some of this stuff was new.

Finally we've decided to make everything available for hire or buy, just let us know what you're interested in and we'll have a chat.

For now though, scroll through the pages like you're walking through a store and enjoy yourself.

Beautiful unsigned original Oil painting. Nice little shack, probably has an open fire in it.

Balmain Terraces - Original Oil by Madeleine, 1980.

1964 Beatles - All My Loving EP - Epic Cover

19th Century Leather Bound Bible. This thing is over 1000 pages thick, has been slightly fire damaged and carries so much character it's almost scary to hold it!

A huge ball of twine? I don't really know what this is, but it's the size of a watermelon and looks amazing in the corner of your loungeroom!

Blue Top timber crate. Perfect for so many things, including the transportation of fruit or bottles or who knows what in the early 20th century.

Pentax MG SLR - early 80's. Great looking camera, perfect prop for a shoot or on the shelf instore. This camera needs a service, but it still looks great!

Time for bed, take care.