Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More again!

We've been gathering anything that catches our eye for years now, well, it's gotten kind of obsessive the last little while but you get the picture. We've been spending time in the shed and it's always really fun.

You open a box and see a bunch of stuff that you forgot you had, and it's exciting!

We always said that we'd shoot EVERYTHING we got, so we're about 300 items behind at the moment but never mind, it's a labour of love!

Enjoy these few items and keep an eye on us over on facebook if you want to hire or buy anything!!


Introduction to Exceptional Children, I guess our parents read this one! Published in 1977, amazing character and exceptional reading, especially if you were raised by parents who read it!

Australian Home Decorator & Painter - doesn't show publication date but i'm assuming 50's. Filled with awesome illustrations and handy hints.

Early 'Codral Lozenges' tin, doubling as a holder of Monopoly pieces. Early tins always have so much nostalgic value and the colourways are incredible!

A man A dog Two Horses - 1946 - by J.C. Benrodt. A great little book of short stories dedicated to the writers animal friends.

Celco Paper Binders, a great example of vintage packaging, colour and typography.

This guy is great! A Catalina Island souvenir, carved timber and painted. Cataline Island is just off the coast of LA.

Molly Garland original Oil painting. Dated 1977. A beautiful little piece with a deservedly nice frame.

A very old 'Mitchells' dustpan and straw brush, cleans up well and comes complete with tonnes of character!

Take it easy, see you soon!


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