Sunday, March 4, 2012

For the sake of it...

We absolutely love taking some sort of object out of it's dirty and dusty grave, bringing it out into the light and giving it a whole new life!

This blog is pretty much just a dumping ground for images that we shoot for our Facebook store.

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Let's look at some stuff.

This is a very rudimentary spool of twine that we fell in love with, it has so much character and would look amazing framed.

Collecting skateboards can be very addictive, just ask Troy Archer, the 'very likely to get addicted to anything' half of Archer and Archer. This is a cracker of a set up, full on 80's flare!

Sometimes we pick things up that have no resale value because they are just amazing pieces of paper or wood or whatever. This vintage wax-coated paper is a good example of that!

Some things are just meant to be photographed. Just look at that amazing piece of rotted timber. You couldn't create that unless you were someone like Ricky Swallow.

This is the top part of a hall stand we have for sale, it's truly stunning.

Typewriters were the cornerstone of the fast-paced office and to be able to type 60 wpm was about the slowest you'd want to go. Back then, typewriter companies would run speed typing contests as promotional events. Now, old typewriters just look awesome and add a nice touch to a room.

We can't get enough of old timber boxes, the more worn and weathered the better, and this one, with its clunky joints at the base is so nice. Oh, it's for sale too, almost forgot to mention that!

Nautical is so damn hot right now, actually, its been hot for hundreds of years, since way before blogs and anchor tats got popular. P.S. We love nautical stuff, how could you not?

Vintage indian dolls can fetch silly money. We have no idea if these are significant pieces or not, we just know that they look rad!

This Marcel Dyf print titled 'Gipsy Girl' is bouncing with radness. Marcel Dyf was born in Paris, in 1899 and became a professional painter by the age of 23.

These 50's wood and ceramic egg cups are 4 of the nicest little things we've seen, the colouring alone makes them a little group of head-turners.

This is a macro shot of a woven dust brush, it's a great little thing it is.

This set of three books sold last week to someone who will get the shock of their lives when they realise the shear volume of awesomeness that sits inside!

Tins started out being used for the sake of storing stuff like biscuits and tabacco, then in the late 1800's they started to become more decorative and companies got very creative and clever with what they did. Pretty much everything has been made into a tin, have a look around online and you'll see what i'm on about.

Vintage typography has something about it and more often than not it's pure simplicity is what sets it apart from modern day type. This little barber mirror sold a couple of weeks back and is a great example of some nice vintage type! Love!

Thanks for hangin' out with us, see you soon!

Troy & Sarah Archer.