Tuesday, December 27, 2011

more vintage labelling and stuff

We popped around to my Sister and her Husband's new place today. It's a rad old two story house that has a big dirty basement area. I was lucky enough to rustle around in there and got to take home some great things.

While I was out in the studio shooting the stuff I decided to shoot some of the things i've gathered of late too.

Check it out and when you get bored come and visit us on Archer & Archer

It's bed time!

Take care, Troy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

vintage labeling

You can't do anything with it except admire it's aesthetics. But that's enough for us here at Archer & Archer.

We're out looking for stuff all the time, and you really don't come across vintage labelling and packaging too often, so it's particularly exciting when it happens and they always looks really nice photographed. Most of these were from a home in Tintenbar, Northern NSW. That was a rad day.

No captions necessary tonight. Merry Christmas.

Take care,

Sarah & Troy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Selling stuff is fun!

It wasn't that long ago that we made a pact with ourselves to shoot every little thing we came across. Whether it was a dining chair or the end of an old cardboard box with vintage lettering, we planned on shooting it!

Before we knew it we couldn't keep up and we couldn't remember what had been shot and what hadn't. Frustration kicked in because shooting things is almost the funnest part, well, somewhere in between finding things and researching their stories anyway!

So, when we decided to start selling things we were forced to shoot everything that was potentially going to be set free, so at least that's something! Here's a little showing of some of the things we sold or offered for sale so far and the photo's we took of them.

Peugeot Bicycle - this beautiful machine went to Adelaide.

Handsurfer - this went to our friend Tim who builds amazing fences and gates. Summer will see this thing back in the water finally.

This little green porcelain rabbit found himself a new home, or herself, either one.

Our new friend Natalie from Fashionista Events snapped up this amazing Pineapple Jug in our first week of selling.

This hasn't sold but it's the best damn galvanised watering can i've ever seen, even if it does have a little leek in it!

Folding rulers are the best, and the other old timber rulers that don't fold, they're awesome too. We had a timber ruler collector buy these, stoked!

This utterly adorable vintage dustpan and brush just sold last week, it was sad to see it go but that's how this game works.

This hasn't sold yet, but i'm not complaining, the longer we get to keep this the better. Silver duck head bottle opener, epic.

Vintage tins are a must have for a few reasons. 1. They are beautiful. 2. They're good for putting small things in. 3. They are beautiful. This Capstan Tabacco Tin ticks all three boxes.

We had a guy named Matthew buy this wonderful old Medicine For Nurses book full of bizarre medical stuff. It's a very interesting book that will spark many a conversation at Matt's house we hope.

Alice of Rare Illustrated Books bought this set of Blackies English Classics school books, they're really nice little things.

We don't do a lot of reading around here, Sarah doesn't mind a vampire novel or three but me, nothing much apart from looking at art books. So really, when we see an old book that we want to buy, it's pretty much always because the cover is a must have. A Rage To Live was a must have!

What a cute couple of portraits, these sold a few weeks back and we were delighted that they went to a loving home! The frames alone are so unique and cool and the Vintage Portraits inside are very cute indeed.

This pair of Sara Moon prints went to our good friend Liss Winnell of Daydream Lily which we were so excited about. We got more excited when we found out they were for someone special in Liss' life!

Print #2 in the pair for Liss.

Alice of Rare Illustrated Books also snapped up this mounted Vintage Advertising Poster thats calling out for everyone to go to the 1988 Blue Mountains Arts Convergence! Who wouldn't go, Noni Hazelhurst is going to be there!

Our friend Matt also bought this little Bird Tapestry. We loved this little guy but he had to be set free.

Thanks to everyone that has dropped by Archer & Archer to see what's on offer, we've had a lot of fun so far!

Many thanks,

Sarah & Troy