Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Borrowing Memories again

This is our 2nd installment of Borrowing Memories, or maybe it's our third?

Either way, check out these amazing vintage photos all found by us in real life, then photographed again. Photos of photos, actually photos of found photos that were being thrown away, even better!

Single Flyer, Swallow Tail, so awesome, holy shit. This board would be cactus now for sure, but once upon a time it looked like this!

Sure the bell bottoms are flaring and the guy with his hairy chest out is cool, but look at that tiger painted on the wall! Pure epic.

HQ Belmont Panel Van, or shaggin' wagon as Dad would have called it. Complete with green bonnet and yellow body, it doesn't get more Straya Day than that.

This photo could not be cropped better or have better colour and movement, it's so cool!

Torana, Stubbies, bare chest and a beard, yep, you're ruling! How good is this photo!

A beautiful photo of a beautiful horse. Hopefully it's name is Misty or something.

What a ruler! Something big was happening at the Birdsville this day, that's for sure!

I wish I could get in close and see what it says on the side of this train. Either way, i'm hoping it doesn't derail.

That's a serious waterhole with a man swimming in it.

What the hell are you wearing? This is strictly 70's hair salon get up and i'm pretty happy it's out of fashion.

Take it easy, take care, take pictures but don't take drugs.

Troy x

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